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Toronto 420 BT

Toronto 420 BT

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Features and Description

Convenience that is also fun. On the Toronto 420 BT it all begins with hands-free phone calls, thanks to Bluetooth, using the integrated microphone along with the existing car speakers. And because you can synchronize the mobile phonebook with up to 1000 entries, you will always see immediately on the display who is calling. The highlight: For all those who occasionally don't want to listen to any music while driving, phone calls can be accepted even if the Toronto 420 BT is switched off completely. As soon as there is an incoming call, it immediately switches on automatically and the phone call can be accepted in the usual manner. Once the call is finished, the device automatically goes back into sleep mode until the next phone call. It can adapt to even the most unfavorable installation scenarios using the additional microphone connection on the rear of the device, with which you can perfectly position an external microphone in the vehicle interior. But what would a car radio be like without music: From transmission from a cell phone via audio streaming, through the connection of mass storage media or your iPod via one of the USB ports, per memory card, CD, audio in or, not least radio reception the choice is all yours. The fact that all these options are still so easy to operate, is of course all that you would expect of a Blaupunkt radio. The large 15-character display always ensures that you're in control while you make your music selection or change the settings with the second adjustment knob. In this, the separate volume adjuster is always available in parallel, which is safe and practical for instance when fine-tuning the 3-band equalizer or making an individual selection of the next song you want to listen to. You're going to enjoy it.


  • Supported version: Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
  • Supported profiles: HFP, PBAP, A2DP
  • Pairing (number of devices): 5
  • Hands-free calling: via micro & radio speakers
  • Hands-free volume: variable
  • Microphone: Yes (built-in + rear connector)
  • Key functions: accept call, reject call, redialling
  • Phone book access: Yes (download  of up to 1.000 entries)
  • Radio phone book presets: 5
  • Audio streaming: Yes
  • Auto connect & talk: Yes (if radio OFF with ignition ON)

Data carrier

  • CD: CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
  • Type disk-drive: automatic loading
  • USB-removable storage: USB 2.0
  • Memory cards: SDHC, SD, MMC
  • Formatting USB: FAT32, FAT 16
  • Formatting memory card: FAT 32, FAT 16

Media player

  • Playback format: MP3, WMA
  • Title display: ID3-tag (version 2), file , folder
  • MP3 folder & file browsing: Yes (LIST-key / w/o playback interruption)
  • MP3 file search: Yes (by name / long press LIST-key)
  • iPod criteria browsing: Yes (ID3-key / by artists, albums, genres, playlists, audiobooks)
  • Short cut iPod playlists: Yes (long press ID3-key)
  • Fast list browsing: Yes (via browsing encoder)
  • Display modes: Yes (file, artist, album, genre (iPod), song, elapsed time, total time, all)
  • Display of characters: up to 32
  • Variable display scrolling: Yes (once / always if >15 digits)
  • Fast media reading: Yes (from USB/SDHC/SD/MMC)
  • Mix / Repeat / Scan: Yes / Yes / Yes
  • Bitrate (kBit/s): 32 320
  • Variable bitrates: Yes

CD player

  • Shock proof memory: Yes
  • Frequency response (Hz) -1 dB: 20 20.000


  • Type of tuner: Codem receiver
  • Tuner areas: World tuner, switchable via menu (EU/USA/SouthAmerica/Thailand)
  • Wave bands: FM, AM (MW, LW)
  • Radio Data System (RDS): Programme Service Name (PS), Alternative Frequency (AF), Regional Programme (REG), Enhanced Other Networks (EON), Program Types (PTY), Traffic Program (TP), Traffic Announcement (TA), Clock Time (CT)
  • Travelstore: Yes
  • Station memory: 25
  • Band Scan / Preset Scan: Yes / Yes
  • Interference suppression: Yes
  • Frequency response (Hz) -3 dB: 30 15.000


  • Number of bands: 3
  • Model: semi-parametric
  • Type: analogue
  • X-Bass: Yes
  • Sound presets: pop, rock, classic


  • Number of channels: 4
  • Max. power (Watt): 4 x 50
  • Sinus power at 14.4 V (Watt): 4 x 22


  • Type: DOT (1-line)
  • Digits: 15
  • Colour: negative black and white
  • Brightness: adjustable
  • Clock display: 24 / 12 hrs


  • Antenna (number of): 1 (ISO)
  • USB (number of, type): 2 (front + rear / standard A-type)
  • USB (features): mass storage device (MSD)
  • iPod/iPhone: direct control via USB
  • Memory cards: SDHC/SD/MMC (behind panel)
  • Aux-In (number of, type): 1 front (3.5 mm jack)
  • Aux-In (features): variable gain / Aux naming
  • Audio mix (music & navigation)
  • Telephone mute: Yes
  • Telephone Line-In: Yes (rear)
  • Remote control (RC10): Yes (via front IR-eye and via ISO)
  • Back connector for optional hands-free microphone: Yes (2.5 mm jack)


  • Loud speaker (number of): 4
  • Pre-amplifier: 4-Channel (2 V), cinch
  • Variable amplifier delay time: Yes
  • Sub-out: Yes (variable gain/frequency)


  • Twin-encoder concept: Left for volume control & mute, Right exclusively for browsing, phone book, tuner & user menu
  • Software update: Yes (via USB)
  • Menu language: English + German
  • Variable scan time: (4/8/12/16/60 seconds)
  • Confirmation beep: (on/off)
  • Front panel: detachable
  • Panel color: black, dark chrome
  • Encoder / key illumination: blue / red
  • Permanent storage after car battery disconnect: Yes
  • Demo mode: Yes
  • Demo mode activation: via user menu
  • Installation location: 1-DIN-slot
  • Weight (kg): ca. 1.70
  • Height x Width x Depth (mm): 50 x 178 x 160

Accessories included in delivery
Europe variant

  • Order number: 1 011 202 420 001
  • Case for front panel: Yes
  • Instruction book: Yes (16 languages)
  • Mounting material: Yes
  • Antenna adapter: Yes

World variant 

  • Order number: 1 011 202 421 001
  • Case for front panel: Yes
  • IR remote control: Yes
  • Instruction book: Yes (6 languages)
  • Connector cable power supply: Yes (ISO chamber A)
  • Connector cable Sub-out: Yes (ISO chamber A, cinch)
  • Connector cable speakers: Yes (ISO chamber B)
  • Mounting material: Yes
  • Antenna adapter: Yes
  • Supported version: Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
  • iPod / iPhone direct control via USB

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