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San Francicso 320

San Francicso 320

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Features and Description

You have to bring your own music, that's all the San Francisco 320 needs to make things happen. With a USB slot on the front and rear panel, a card reader behind the adjustment control for memory cards, with a capacity of up to 32 gigabytes, as well as a CD player and a front audio input, what more could anyone ask for. Also with regard to controls: With the second adjustment knob, you are practically sitting at the mixing table, juggling quickly and safely through your songs. Whether choosing from an iPod from among your familiar selection criteria or using mass storage media and browsing through your folders and tracks. The large, 15-character display always lets you know where you are and while the music is playing it shows you just the information you want whether it is the name of the track or the artist, the corresponding album, the genre, the playing time or simply all the information in easy-to-follow sequential order. That the San Francisco 320 offers a host of additional features, goes without saying. With Audio Mix, the speech commands from your mobile navigation are elegantly interlaced with the music, you won't miss anything from either of them. The great sound is provided by the powerful 4 x 50 watt amplifier as well as a 3-band equalizer that can be flexibly adjusted to your personal taste. And they didn't forget to provide for a perfect expansion option for the overall system with 4-channel preamp out, along with an additional, adjustable subwoofer out.

Data carrier
  • CD: CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
  • Type disk-drive: automatic loading
  • USB-removable storage: USB 2.0
  • Memory cards: SDHC, SD, MMC
  • Formatting USB: FAT 32, FAT 16
  • Formatting memory card: FAT 32, FAT 16
Media player
  • Playback format: MP3, WMA
  • Title display: ID3-tag (version 2), file, folder
  • MP3 folder & file browsing: Yes (LIST-key / w/o playback interruption)
  • MP3 file search: Yes (by name / long press LIST-key)
  • iPod criteria browsing: Yes (ID3-key / by artists, albums, genres, playlists, audiobooks)
  • Fast list browsing: Yes (via browsing encoder)
  • Short cut iPod playlists: Yes (long press ID3-key)
  • Display modes: Yes (file, artist, album, genre (iPod), song, elapsed time, total time, all)
  • Display of characters: up to 32
  • Variable display scrolling: Yes (once / always if > 15 digits)
  • Fast media reading: Yes (from USB/SDHC/SD/MMC)
  • Mix / Repeat / Scan: Yes / Yes / Yes
  • Bitrate (kBit/s): 32 320
  • Variable bitrates: Yes
CD player
  • Shock proof memory: Yes
  • Frequency response (Hz) -1 dB: 20 20.000
  • Type of tuner: Codem receiver
  • Tuner areas: World tuner, switchable via menu (EU/USA/SouthAmerica/Thailand)
  • Wave bands: FM, AM (MW, LW)
  • Radio Data System (RDS): Programme Service Name (PS), Alternative Frequency (AF), Regional Programme (REG), Enhanced Other Networks (EON), Program Types (PTY), Traffic Program (TP), Traffic Announcement (TA), Clock Time (CT)
  • Travelstore: Yes
  • Station memory: 25
  • Band Scan / Preset Scan: Yes / Yes
  • Interference suppression: Yes
  • Frequency response (Hz) -3 dB: 30 15.000
  • Number of bands: 3
  • Model: semi-parametric
  • Type: analogue
  • X-Bass: Yes
  • Sound presets: pop, rock, classic
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Max. power (Watt): 4 x 50
  • Sinus power at 14.4 V (Watt): 4 x 22
  • Type: DOT (1-line)
  • Digits: 15
  • Colour: negative black and white
  • Brightness: adjustable
  • Clock display: 24 / 12 hrs
  • Antenna (number of): 1 (ISO)
  • USB (number of, type): 2 (front + rear / standard A-type)
  • USB (features): mass storage device (MSD)
  • iPod/iPhone: direct control via USB
  • Memory cards: SDHC/SD/MMC (behind panel)
  • Aux-In (number of, type): 1 front (3.5 mm jack)
  • Aux-In (features): variable gain / Aux naming
  • Audio mix (music & navigation): Yes
  • Telephone mute: Yes
  • Telephone Line-In: Yes (rear)
  • Remote control (RC10): Yes (via front IR-eye and via ISO)
  •     Loud speaker (number of): 4
  •     Pre-amplifier: 4-Channel (2 V), cinch
  •     Variable amplifier delay time: Yes
  •     Sub-out: Yes (variable gain/frequency)
  •     Twin-encoder concept: Left for volume control & mute, Right exclusively for browsing, tuner search & user menu
  •     Software update: Yes (via USB)
  •     Variable scan time: Yes (4/8/12/16/60 seconds)
  •     Confirmation beep: Yes (on/off)
  •     Front panel: detachable
  •     Panel color: black, dark chrome
  •     Encoder / key illumination: blue / red
  •     Permanent storage after car battery disconnect: Yes
  •     Demo mode: Yes
  •     Demo mode activation: via user menu
  •     Installation location: 1-DIN-slot
  •     Weight (kg): ca. 1.70
  •     Height x Width x Depth (mm): 50 x 178 x 160

Accessories included in delivery
Europe variant

  •     Order number: 1 011 202 320 001
  •     Case for front panel: Yes
  •     Instruction book: Yes (16 languages)
  •     Mounting material: Yes
  •     Antenna adapter: Yes

World variant 

  •     Order number: 1 011 202 321 001
  •     Case for front panel: Yes
  •     IR remote control: Yes
  •     Instruction book: Yes (6 languages)
  •     Connector cable power supply: Yes (ISO chamber A)
  •     Connector cable Sub-out: Yes (ISO chamber A, cinch)
  •     Connector cable speakers: Yes (ISO chamber B)
  •     Mounting material: Yes
  •     Antenna adapter: Yes
  • 2 x USB, front & rear, mass storage device (MSD)
  • iPod / iPhone direct control via USB

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