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At SW Stereo we carry Blaupunkt and Becker model car audio products.

Call us to order! These radios often come with complex wiring accessories and components, specific to your car's make and model. We have over 30 years of experience and would love to help you get the gear you need!



Becker 4602 - AM/FM CD Player
Becker 4602- Becker CD Deck
- Mercedes
- Recommended Model!
Grand Prix - AM/FM Radio
Grand Prix- Classic AM/FM Stereo
- Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari
Porsche CDR 210 - AM/FM CD
Porsche CDR 210- Hi-Power CD Receiver
- Anti-theft coding
Porsche CDR 220 - AM/FM CD Player
Porsche CDR 220- Becker CD Deck
- Porsche
- Recommended Model!
Porsche CR 210 - AM/FM Cassette
Porsche CR 210- Becker Tape Deck
- OEM Porsche
- OEM Mercedes
Porsche CR 220 - AM/FM Cassette Receiver
Porsche CR 220- Becker Tape Deck
- OEM Porsche or Mercedes


Dearborn (Discovered Inventory!) - AM/FM Cassette
Dearborn (<font color="red">Discovered Inventory!</font>)- New old model stock!
- W/Aux $1395
- w/o Aux $1295
Dearborn w/Aux Input - AM/FM Cassette w/Aux Input
Dearborn w/Aux Input- New old model stock!
- Direct replacement for Reno SQR46 or Monterey SQR23
Atlanta 110 - Blaupunkt Atlanta 110 CD Receiver
Atlanta 110- Color Illumination
- Front Aux-Input
- USB Connection
Melbourne 120 - AM/FM CD/USB In-Car Stereo
Melbourne 120- Playback formats: MP3, WMA
- Fast reading of USB/SDHC/SD/MMC media
Cupertino 220 - AM/FM CD Receiveer with iPod/iPhone Direct
Cupertino 220- Front USB, mass storage device (MSD)
- iPod / iPhone direct control via USB
San Francicso 320 - CD Receiver with iPod/iPhone Direct Control
San Francicso 320- 2 x USB, front & rear, mass storage device (MSD)
- iPod / iPhone direct control via USB
San Francisco 310 - Car Stereo USB Tuner
San Francisco 310- iPhone: Direct control via USB
- Aux-in: Front Aux-in with audio mix (music & navigation)
Toronto 410 BT - Car Stereo BlueTooth Tuner
Toronto 410 BT- Supported version: Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
- Hands-free calling via micro & radio speakers: Yes
Toronto 420 BT - iPod/iPhone Direct Control and Built-in Bluetooth
Toronto 420 BT- Supported version: Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
- iPod / iPhone direct control via USB
Hamburg MP57 - CD MP3 Receiver
Hamburg MP57- Bluetooth call answer/end via the car radio
- Playback of MP3 from CD-ROM/CD-RW/USB
- Removable flip panel for anti-theft protection

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